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About this Page

This page has basically stayed the same since it was designed in 2001. It has always been a kind of unofficial home, a kind of security blanket. It's actually an early example of a table-free webpage, while I've just removed the outer table that centered everything, the boxed shape above has never used tables. In a similar vein, unfortunately, the experimental "pictures made out of tables" have been lost, maybe I'll try them again one day.

Today, in October, 2018, it has become a relic of the past but still quite beautiful in its simplicity. While I have made this page more modern in terms of code I haven't done much at all apart from fix broken links to sites that no longer exist... which is still a work in progress.

I'm going to try and keep this site as fun as possible. Less about education and more about quirky, cool stuff that can be done.

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